How to use Stereo Mix Plus to record what you hear sounds?

It is easy to record all the sounds from your computer/Internet with Stereo Mix Plus. Besides fixing no stereo mix problem, Stereo Mix Plus can also work as a full audio recorder. Following the below steps:

1) Download and install our Stereo Mix Plus software.

2) During installation, Windows might pop up confirm message on sound card driver installation, you need to allow it. Otherwise, our stereo mix recording driver can not work properly.

3) After successfully installation, launch our software from Windows start menu, it will then minimize to system tray.

4) Find our software icon in system tray and right click it, in its menu, select 'set as system default sound card' command to set Stereo Mix Plus as the output audio device of all the sound applications on your computer.

5) Right click the systray icon again, this time, select 'recording' command, then Stereo Mix Plus will turn on its stereo mix recording feature in its driver.

6) Now all sounds from your computer, including audio players, online radios, YouTube videos will be recorded as wav files, the audio data is bit perfect.

7) Done! Now you have a full featured, perfect stereo mix audio recorder with our software! All sounds can be recorded!


Stereo Mix Plus also integrates a MP3 audio recorder, so if you want to record sounds as MP3, just launch Stereo Mix MP3 recorder from its systray icon menu.